CEDARGRIS operates with low minimums, and a realistic turnaround time.

We work for some of the most inspiring retail stores, companies for gifting and real estate agencies that excel at marketing alongside destination boutique hotels, salons and spas where our products enhance their story.

Whether you are looking to create a long-lasting impression of your brand, ensure you have the highest quality products, or to create a truly bespoke article, CEDARGRIS are for you.

CEDARGRIS does not sell directly to consumer. Nor will we ever develop our own competing line. Our efforts are best spent working behind the scents creating for you, not competing against you.

Working with only the finest raw materials we provide you with beautiful, bold marketing with unlimited design potential that marries your senses of sight and smell together. Our ongoing support, research, development & warranties ensures that each brand we work with is treated as if it was our own.


web: www.cedargris.com
instagram: @cedargris